what to do on a sunday


stumbled into a brickworks happening, grabbed a brew from the bottle-o cause it seemed only natural, dj all boom shack-a-lack, loud blankets down teasing, what we can and can’t, chess kicks to the dance inevitable, stage is set, just a square that juts, so fit in, this is the spot, ripe strawberries, boozy brown paper bags and some grass to lie in, clouds and the sun our lightshow, so play on.

spun like sugar

collagetwo sided canvas
identical paintings
simultaneously sketched
by different hands

they had drawn
each others smiles
like cloudy stencils
lines and letters
that didn’t make up any words

his face was left
right hand on her mouth
her face was right
left hand painted his

spun like sugar
slit in a zoetrope
if you looked inside
you could see them